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FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS, the production company helmed by the five real-life Burton siblings (Maria, Jennifer, Ursula, Gabrielle, and Charity), makes high quality independent film and commercials. Based in Los Angeles, FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS believes strongly in community involvement and social responsibility. Films & commercials include: Kings, Queens, & In-Betweens, OLD GUY, Half The HistoryManna from Heaven, Temps, Just Friends, The Happiest Day of His Life, The Bobs' documentary Sign My Snarling Movie, Julia Sweeney's Letting Go of God, "Your Ford Story" doc-based spots, The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (short + spots with Julia Ormond), and several other projects in development.




OLD GUY is a 5-part comedic mini-miniseries on the stereotyped images of aging in the media. Inspired by the real-life experiences of Roger Burton (THE JAY LENO, MY NAME IS EARL, MONK, UP ALL NIGHT), who was "discovered" as an actor at age 75, and who's the father of the five sisters, and also starring Peri Gilpin (FRASIER). Follow on Twitter @OldGuyProject and Facebook.

Kings, Queens, & In-Betweens is a documentary on gender.  Through personal stories of eight kings, queens, and transgender performers in the unlikely location of Columbus, Ohio, the film (to be completed 2015) examines this next frontier -- that of gender expression and identity itself.  Illuminating the important distinction between sexuality, biological sex, and gender, KQIB captures how these performers and their artistic community tackle the complexities and pathos of gender expression, personal identity, and human rights -- all with humor, great music, big hair, and duct tape. KQIB will be the first film to include the entire gender performance spectrum - kings, queens, and "in-betweeners." We had a really successful kickstarter - thanks so much for all your support. For more info visit the Kings, Queens, & In-Betweens on Facebook, Trailer, Director's Statement and KQIB's web site.

HALF THE HISTORY highlights under-told stories of women in American history. Watch the title video. Become part of the movement to include equality in history books, sites, historic preservation, and media. Be inspired by one of the women in this video or on the HTH website, on twitter, or Facebook.  

The Sky's The Limit: The Story of the Mercury 13, our film inspired by the thirteen women who tested to be astronauts in 1961-62, is now in development.

See the article on Five Sisters Productions and sister filmmakers featured on the cover of Sunday LA Times calendar section:

Corporate Creative workshops:  Five Sisters Productions has been asked to offer leadership development and team building workshops, stemming from our three-year creative partnership with Victoria's Secret. Contact us for more information.

52 Questions Before Marriage or Moving In, the series of card decks that Ursula spearheaded -- in which couples answer questions on romance, social life, work and money -- is out from the Gottman Institute. Find out more about the 52 Questions deck

Jennifer's book with Henry Louis Gates Call and Response is out from Norton.

Gabrielle B's books, Impatient with Desire and Searching For Tamsen Donner, which NPR called "...the literary equivalent of El Dorado -- the lost City of Gold," are now available in paperback and scripts are in development.

Manna From Heaven is playing on Starz, is also on Netflix (as well as TEMPS and JUST FRIENDS-97), and in local libraries, so load up your cues & set your dvr.

Just Friends and Temps now available on DVD
Purchase your copy now from the Five Sisters Productions Store

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