Five Sisters Productions
171 Pier Avenue, Suite 207
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Office: 310-916-9557

All journalists and news organizations seeking information can contact us at:

(Remove the NOSPAM part of the email address to Five Sisters Productions before you send from your email software. Thank you for helping us control our spam problem in this low tech way.)

For general inquiries: write us below.  Join our email list to stay up to date on our films.  PLEASE NOTE: For those of you interested in submitting projects to Five Sisters Productions, we are delighted you thought of us.  Because of a full slate of projects (3 current films and 4 in development), we are sorry that we cannot consider any new projects without financing *already* in place.  Feel free to approach us when that is the case, and we’ll be happy to consider roles of producing, writing, &/or directing for the project.

(A quick side note: we receive a very high number submissions addressed to the only man in the company, who is not a principal of the company nor an acquisitions or development rep.  It’s somewhat curious and inexplicable why submitters would do this; do please know that this does not start you off on the strongest foot in women-owned businesses, or probably most businesses in a modern world.  It’s best to do the work to find the appropriate person to whom to address your inquiry, and if that is unclear, then consider writing someone in management personally and asking for the proper contact.)


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