10.26.04 – The Happiest Day Production

The shoot is scheduled for 5 days in LA between Nov. 18-23. It’ll be on 35mm, and we’re excited that Anette Haellmigk will be the DP (director of photography). She’s shot for SPIDERMAN 2, SWAT, HOLLOW MAN, etc. etc.

Other fantastic crew and talent have already signed on including Jill Eikenberry (LA LAW, TRACEY TAKES ON), Michael Tucker (LA LAW, RADIO DAYS), Harry Groener (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ABOUT SCHMIDT), Dawn Didawick (THE MOGULS, ERIN BROCKOVICH), Phil LaMarr (MAD TV), Daniel Letterle (CAMP), and Rico Colantoni (GALAXY QUEST, JUST SHOOT ME).

The movie is a terrific project with creative people and sponsoring companies coming together to make an interesting, challenging, and fun short film.

For instance, COLOR BY DELUXE, KODAK, PANAVISION, CHACE SOUND, MODERN VIDEOFILM, and IMPECCABLE TASTE CATERING are sponsoring the film. We are so thrilled to have these sponsors. Diane Timmons at IMPECCABLE TASTE CATERING is so generous & supportive of the film, she is providing hot meals & catering to the crew for the shoot. She also offered to help with locations. That’s the kind of creative spirit that is making this possible. We truly wish we were able to pay everyone their top possible salary, but we find ourselves in this situation, and with the opportunity to make THE HAPPIEST DAY, so we feel lucky to be able to do so with the support of these businesses!

We’re now getting crew & the rest of the casting together. It’s entering that whirlwind stage when the train is leaving the station, there’s not enough time, and the momentum is heating up