11.18.04 – The Happiest Day Production

I arrived in LA yesterday to pre-production in full swing. It’s always fascinating to me to watch all the millions of details start to fall into place, fall apart and get remedied again. Just a few of the random elements being coordinated by the amazing support staff and crew: extras for all of the “big” shoot days (friends of friends of friends at this point :D), physically getting all the generous food and prop donations picked up, physical details for all five days of shooting on five different locations like parking, call times, shoot schedules, and shot lists completed. All of these details are handled by PA’s, co-producers, crew such as the production manager, dp (director of photography), AD (assistant director), and the five sisters themselves. Small production companies are made up of people who wear every hat you can imagine and then some.

Tomorrow is the first day of shooting as we work in a cake decorating store shooting some of the details of the preparation for the wedding day. I’ll be up at 4 am since I’m working on craft services (tidbits and food for the crew all day)…time to start brewing that coffee. Crew call at 5:30 am. You can always hope for an early bed time but I’ll have to settle for catching up over Thanksgiving along with everyone else.