11.24.04 – The Happiest Day Production

In LA, all the Burtons did returns – of equipment, props, trucks, etc. While en route, Ursula, Darin, and Jenn were rear-ended by a distracted limo driver, which not only totaled Darin’s car, but also gave them all bad whiplash. Of course, that wasn’t in the production schedule. As it was, the returns took all day for 6 people. There are more to do, and Ursula is continuing them this week.

Now we need to turn to other work on our plate as well – the delivery for MANNA FROM HEAVEN, TEMPS, and JUST FRIENDS, a reality show that might go, and the development of a series of 9 films.

As for HAPPIEST DAY, we need to finish up the thank you notes, the returns, the vendor agreements, and a whole list of nitty-gritty items to wrap up the “shoot” section of the film. Then we turn to “post.” We will continue to finish up paperwork and filing, and then begin work on the editing, sound work, music, color timing, special effects, titles, etc. etc. Modern Video Film is doing the special effects, and that’s going to be an exciting part of this project. We know we’re in great hands with our post-production sponsors — COLOR BY DELUXE, CHASE, MODERN VIDEO FILM. The work on this film has really just begun, although the shoot is over.

I feel very good about it. The crew were a great group of people, and some are already working together on another project. We will definitely work with many of these crew members again. I adored the entire camera department, and interestingly, they were all women. They only had 300 feet of left-over film at the end, and Cheli Clayton-Samaras, the 1st AC, felt that was too much. Just another sign of how excellent our camera department was. Through the monitor, the film looked gorgeous, so now we will wait to see when it’s transferred how it came out.

The shoot was a true artistic experience – one of people coming together on a project that’s worthy, to make it the best it can be; and because of each of them, it was all the richer. Something to give thanks for tomorrow.