A letter from Linda C. Fuller of Habitat For Humanity

January 31, 2003

Dear Habitat Affiliate,

I am writing to tell you about one of our new partners, Five Sisters Productions. Five Sisters Production is going to be releasing a new movie in your area called Manna from Heaven. This movie is a story about a group of people that have an unexpected windfall and years later are motivated to give the money back with surprising results in personal and community empowerment!

The proceeds from the opening day of this movie will go to Habitat for Humanity. I encourage you to attend the opening of this movie to support Habitat for Humanity’s partnership with the Five Sisters Productions.

Five Sisters will be promoting Habitat for Humanity in all press associated with the movie. They have also offered to partner with local affiliates on fund raisers, special screening with questions & answer sessions with the filmmakers and media exposure through PSAs and interviews. They are strongly dedicated to Habitat for Humanity and are eager to work with your affiliate.

I wish you the best in 2003 in your dedicated efforts in providing opportunities to families for decent and affordable homes. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Linda C. Fuller
Habitat for Humanity International