About Five Sisters Productions

FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS, the production company helmed by the five real-life Burton siblings, is committed to making movies that are entertaining, engaging, and highlight diverse and underrepresented voices.

FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS is a boutique independent film and commercial production house which makes high quality films that contribute to a sense of hope on a personal or social level. Known for its responsible business practices, FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS has an excellent reputation in the film industry and beyond, and has had the strong support of major companies, including Kodak, Panavision, Modern VideoFilm, Chase, Color by Deluxe, DuArt Film & Video, and Soundtrack Studios.  FSP focuses on good storytelling, and has been hired by companies including Ford and Victoria’s Secret to apply their strengths in recognizing and honing stories while building connection — whether to develop leadership, to illuminate personal links to a brand, or to engage audiences on a particular topic.

With hands-on experience in all steps of the filmmaking process, FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS understands both creative and business sides of filmmaking, exhibition, and marketing.

FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS believes strongly in community involvement and social responsibility. For instance, on the distribution of MANNA FROM HEAVEN, FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS donated part of the theatrical proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. Currently, the sisters are doing an engagement tour with KINGS, QUEENS, & IN-BETWEENS.