Eric Deggans speaks out about representation inequity onscreen

Huzzah for NPR’s Eric Degas @Deggans for speaking up about gender & diversity inequity in representation onscreen, as well as his excellent calling out of HBO for possible contribution to a normalization of rape and violence against women. It is really disturbing that instead of facing people and having a conversation about these realities, they simply plan to cancel. Is this what is happening in politics and now in media too? A cutting off of polite conversation and exchange of ideas to make content and policies better? A simple silencing of voices not in agreement and not helping out with profit-seeking marketing? This is not the time tv execs should be doing this, but rather need to lead the movement as examples of people having respectful, inclusive conversations and forums.

TV Executives Plan To Skip Q&A Session With Critics: It’s a regular event for TV critics to gather in Los Angeles for press conferences with networks and cable companies. But this year, top executives won’t hold question and answer sessions.

And why it matters… Here’s just a tiny selection of articles on representation and its impact. And how it’s not been getting any better.

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