Habitat For Humanity and Manna From Heaven – Affiliate Benefits

The Burton sisters of Five Sisters Productions are dedicated to partnering with Habitat for Humanity International and local Habitat affiliates.

What does MANNA FROM HEAVEN ‘s release and success mean to local Habitat for Humanity Affiliates?

1.Press, press and more press for local affiliates and their sponsors

The Burtons are very conscientious about mentioning HfHI and local affiliates by name during all television, radio and print interviews.

You set up the interview. The Burtons will mention your affiliate!!!

Local affiliates receive very positive television, radio and newspaper press associated with MANNA FROM HEAVEN throughout MANNA’s run. In all markets that MANNA has opened in thus far, local media carried/ran stories and PSAs about Five Sisters Production’s association with Habitat for Humanity.

Do you have a special event or sponsoring partnership for which you would like to garner more exposure? Being able to offer Habitat and the unique grass-roots story of MANNA and the Burtons, your event or partnership has the potential to get the media’s eye more readily than any one of these on their own. It has been found that having a local politician or politician’s spouse, local celebrity or corporate representative to work on a jobsite with the Burtons’ or attend a screening and/or reception is a good draw for press and general exposure.

A partnership between Lafarge Corporation and Kaw Valley Habitat for Humanity received wide press coverage when the Burton family worked on the Lafarge sponsored house and attended its House Blessing — good for KVHH and HfH affiliates nationwide!

2.Fundraising potential
On opening weekend of MANNA FROM HEAVEN’s run in your market, your affiliate can organize special matinees/nights, events, receptions, etc. at one of the movie theaters for your sponsors, volunteers, local churches, businesses, community organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, & Junior League, schools and any other groups you can organize.

The Burtons will try to be on hand to offer Habitat-organized groups special question & answer sessions, as show times allow and schedules allow, following the movie.

You are also are welcome to have volunteers at the theaters throughout the run of the movie to hand out brochures/info about your affiliate and have a donation box.

3.Ongoing exposure during MANNA FROM HEAVEN‘s run
When possible, the Burtons will have a table in the theater with various MANNA related items on opening weekend. They would like to have brochures from local affiliates displayed on the table.

Volunteers are needed to help staff the MANNA table and hand out fliers.