Habitat for Humanity and Manna From Heaven

FIVE SISTERS believes strongly in community involvement and social responsibility.


The four Burtons and Habitat family

Notably, the sisters have partnered with HABITAT FOR HUMANITY on their national release of MANNA FROM HEAVEN (www.habitat.org). They have offered to donate proceeds from an opening screening in each market to benefit the charity. MANNA FROM HEAVEN is about a community coming together and, in the process, rediscovering hope, and the connection with the charity is a chance to reach into communities across the country and make a difference.

“One of the themes of the film is community coming together to improve itself,” said Ursula Burton, sister #3, who produced and acted in the film. “We want to take this opportunity to reach out to the communities to which we are traveling, to reach beyond the boundaries of the film as a piece of entertainment, and to use it as a chance to do something good for a local charitable cause.”

If you miss the benefit, don’t think you’ve missed a chance make a social impact. We display at the theater local affiliates’ information provided, and you’re welcome to make a donation to them. Also, your attendance at the movie will help MANNA get to more cities, and thus have more HABITAT benefit screenings!

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Gabrielle at the Kaw Valley Habitat for Humanity “All Women’s Build”


Mom, Dad, Maria and Ursula

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