Instructions for Manna From Heaven

We have pre-written an email for you to send out to friends, colleagues and family to let them know about Manna from Heaven. We hope to have an automated system to accomplish this task in the next few months, but wanted to give you the opportunity to help us get the word out about the film until then.

Please select and copy the indicated text below. Then either click this link to open an email with the subject filled out or manually create a new email in your email application and paste this text into the body of the email. Give the email a subject (if you didn’t use the link above) and then use your address book or type in at least 5 friends in the TO field of the email before sending.


I wanted to let you know about a great film that I think you should go see. It’s a witty comedic fable called MANNA FROM HEAVEN and stars Academy Award winners SHIRLEY JONES, CLORIS LEACHMAN, LOUISE FLETCHER; Academy Award nominee SEYMOUR CASSEL; URSULA BURTON, SHELLEY DUVALL, JILL EIKENBERRY, FRANK GORSHIN, HARRY GROENER, FAYE GRANT, WENDIE MALICK, and AUSTIN PENDLETON. The writing is intelligent, and the film’s great cast is delightful.

MANNA FROM HEAVEN could be truly called a “family” film. Shot entirely in their hometown of Buffalo, MANNA FROM HEAVEN is the third film from the five Burton sisters (Jennifer, Maria, Ursula, Gabrielle, and Charity Burton) of FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS. The film was written by their mother (award-winning screenwriter, Gabrielle B. Burton) and was produced by the Burton sisters along with their father (Roger Burton).

The five sister filmmakers (five real sisters) are putting their own lives into the film’s release — they are travelling the country meeting audiences! They are also telling people how they have power over the film industry — that they can VOTE AT THE BOX OFFICE . By going to MANNA FROM HEAVEN in its opening weekends, movie-goers are not only affecting how long the film will run — an independent film like MANNA is booked one week at a time — but also, in essence, they are casting a “vote” for more future movies like it.

MANNA is a fun, feel-good movie, and it needs the support of audiences to go see it on its opening weeks in order to compete against the major studio releases. The average movie’s ad budget is $35 million and up, whereas Five Sisters Productions has green fliers and word-of-mouth. MANNA is getting glowing reviews, including from LIZ SMITH, THE WASHINGTON POST, NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, and AIN’T IT COOL NEWS, among others. So don’t wait — movies like this come and go, and we should express our opinions that we want more thoughtful and non-violent films for all ages or the whole family. I urge you to get out and support the Five Sisters on their grassroots national tour. MANNA is opening in cities around the US. If it’s not scheduled to come to your town yet, call your theater and ask them to book it!

If you care about having more intelligent films with mature casts and interesting storylines, please look for MANNA FROM HEAVEN and go see it in its opening week!

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