Manna From Heaven Audience Comments

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Summary: This is the most remarkable film I’ve seen all year.
This is the most remarkable film I’ve seen all year. Why? Its intrinsic merits speak for themselves; the snappy writing, clearheaded direction and pacing and first rate acting. But what makes it remarkable is its heart. There are no explosions, car chases, serial killers or eardrum-smashing Aerosmith songs. Bravo to the sisters Burton for defying the Hollywood zeitgeist and delivering a film that celebrates the goodness that can be found in all of us. Think you’re just too hip to see an indy film about redemption and the goodwill we all should cultivate? Think again. If David Mamet took his acidity down a notch and wrote a script for Frank Capra, the result might be something akin to “Manna From Heaven.” The cast is filled with Oscar winners, Oscar nominees and selected Burtons. The five sisters do it all — write, direct, produce, act, and they’ve come up with a truly daring film. Daring in that it eschews the one commodity the media tries relentlessly (and pointlessly) to exploit: “Edge.” Go elsewhere for your “edge.” This is a movie about goodness and the fact that you can find it anywhere … even in Hollywood!

Summary: Charming! Delightful!
I enjoyed this movie so much on first viewing that I took several different people to see it with me two more times, sharing the word and loving it just as much each go-around! I highly recommend MANNA FROM HEAVEN and am certain you will love it if you like a good ol’ story and cast of characters who you just may “know” from your past! (Of course, not in your family – they lived down the block!)
With witty dialogue, well-developed characters and ethical dilemmas still so apropos for our third millennium, this independent film is a winner! An impressive star-studded ensemble seems perfectly cast charming the audience throughout and the Sister Theresa character was a breath of fresh air for movie-watchers! Warning: Don’t leave until the credits stop rolling because the cinematographic tapestry woven at the end dances with the spirit of the film in outstanding fashion! A perfect 10 if you like leaving a movie feeling good!

Summary: A lot to like
I went to this film based on newspaper reviews. I love art house type films and independent films. It was a clever device to use the church’s font to link a person from the past and what they look like today. It was religious without throwing religion down your throat. I’ve thought of the film many times since seeing it, unlike so many of the action types forgotten shortly after leaving the theatre. I liked that each person grew. I liked that when each became selfless, a kind of magic happened. I liked that things turned out well for everyone. I liked that couples in their 30’s, 40’s, and older either had love or found love. I liked that these people seemed more real than many of the hottest actors around. Manna From Heaven has a lot of charm. I liked the quirks and I liked seeing the locality of a real Buffalo. I appreciate films that are made where they happen, rather than in the less expensive Canada. And frankly, I enjoyed meeting one of the participants in the film. How many times in your life will you get to meet a movie director or actress? The music was a delight, especially the last piano jazz piece over the end credits, which most people aren’t around to listen to. The very best music of many films will be at the end.

Summary: Good movie
Saw the movie last night w/o knowing anything about it (nothing else out seemed interesting and I had a Buffalo connection to this movie – UB grad). It was a very enjoyable movie. Liked the pace and story. Well written plot and good character development and relationships. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes to see movies that have interesting stories. Found myself talking about this movie afterwards over a few beers – most discussions don’t last more than a few minutes.

Summary: Terrific Movie! Clean and enjoyable.
My wife and I struggle to find movies like this that are clean and yet enjoyable for adults. If you can’t find a cinema that is playing it, call your cinema and request it. Bravo, Five Sisters Productions for courage, tenacity and creative endeavor!

Summary: Wonderful!
I thoroughly enjoyed Manna from Heaven. The hopes and dreams and perspectives of each of the characters is endearing and we, the audience, get to know each and every one of them, warts and all. And the ending was a great, wonderful and uplifting surprise! Thanks for the experience; I’ll be looking forward to more.

Summary: Funny, feel-good film filled with fine acting.
Manna from Heaven is heavenly. This is a movie for the family — teens and grandparents can enjoy it together. But it isn’t syrupy sweet or silly. The characters really are “characters”. The plot is somewhat complex and you have to pay attention, but it’s like putting a puzzle together as it all falls into place bit by bit. The period beginning is like watching an old photo album, or remembering back when. It’s extremely well done with very accurate hairstyles and costumes. The story moves along quickly with twists, turns and lots of fun.

A special treat is to watch the large cast of familiar faces, many of whom we haven’t seen in much too long a time. Part of the fun is to recognize and name them mentally as they appear, though this can be distracting. Cloris Leachman by the end of the film looks as if she’s had a make-over on “Oprah”. I had never seen Faye Grant in a movie — only knew her as Grace’s mother in the TV series “Saving Grace”. She was great, even minus the southern accent. And I didn’t even recognize Shelly Duvall. The five sisters who created this very lovely film are a very talented quintet and Sister Theresa is a heavenly treasure.

Summary: A REAL independent film–Go see it –it makes the prospect of getting older a lot less scary.
Manna From Heaven is intelligent and witty with a fantastic cast of actors whose maturity does not dim the playfulness of the movie. Instead it seems to embrace aging with a kind of “it ain’t over till its over” mentality and shows that its never to late to get a new improved lease on life. The fact that the movie does this without condescending to the audience with the usual preachy patronizing cutsie movie tactics really makes this movie stand out. I especially loved Wendie Malick–she does sarcasm perfectly. The Five Sisters Production Company deserves credit for examining discerning life issues in a funny way that actually makes you feel good when you walk out of the theatre. I mean people clapped after the movie was over. I can’t remember the last time that happened in any theatre I was in. Go see it — it makes getting older a lot less scary. PLUS this is a REAL independent film– not just called indie cuz its the new hot thing. We should support it so others like it can be made.

Summary: Relaxing, cheerful entertainment
Simple plot, refreshingly presented using many people with good talent to give the movie goer a refreshing experience. Could see over and over and not get tired of the movie. Content makes us all feel like humans. Situations can be related to ordinary life experiences. Good use of all techniques to get dialogue across. Movies can be a good experience without violence, excessive use of stunts, sex and bad language. This one proves that point.

Summary: Manna From Heaven is worth money
Two things can happen when an ensemble cast is brought together. Either you are left walking out of the theater asking, “Why?’ or you receive MANNA FROM HEAVEN, a delightful comedy from the Burton Sisters, whose mother not only provided inspiration but the screenplay itself. Ursula Burton, plays Theresa, a nun whose friend’s and family had always believed she was touched by G-d. When money falls from the sky the clan use young Theresa’s faith that the money was gift from the heavens to allow all their dreams to come true. Years pass and we find Theresa returned home to her native Buffalo. She comes to the realization that the gift needs to be repaid and calls together her friends and family, (Academy Award winners Shirley Jones, Louise Fletcher and Cloris Leachman) to return the debt before Easter Sunday. The money has long since been spent and all the characters find themselves in financial difficulties. Shirley Jones and Frank Gorshin, are a husband and wife con team that teach the all important lesson’s in life, of how to dress for winter in Buffalo and my personal favorite, “they expect you to take the silverware,” when visiting a restaurant. The audience can only hope that if Theresa does reach her goal that someone won’t run off with the money. The movie teaches us that it is not money, but ourselves that make our and other’s dreams come true. Every action has an outcome not just for you, but the community around you. When looking into the mirror we see ourselves as we’d like to be, MANNA FROM HEAVEN, answers the question of how other’s can see the image we’d most like to reflect. The Burtons have done a superb job directing the cast to break out of their shells and create new and inventive characters. In the day of multi-million dollar budgets, this low budget Indy proves it is not the cash in hand, but true talent that will draw the biggest laughs. Wendie Malick (The American President, Just Shoot Me) adds a special flavor to this already talented cast.

Summary: A breathe of fresh air!
My wife and I just saw this film several days ago. A marvelous film… with a marvelous cast which probably worked free of charge in this independent production. The film is present day, but has a real mid-60’s “feel good” attitude about it. Once upon a time…you may have found Cary Grant, James Stewart, or Audrey/Katherine Hepburn as the leads. We met two of the movie’s five sisters who produced it…one of whom portrays a nun in the film…and basically it’s narrator. Faye Grant is fabulous…and Wendie Malick (who I’m not familiar with) stole the show. In the day of productions going way over budget and rarely living up to their expectations…this movie is a breathe of fresh air in need of a lot of praise. I only wish I could toot their horn for them! Ralph Parker

Summary: an uplifting and delightful way to spend an afternoon!
I didn’t know much about this movie going in- my roommate kind of dragged me into it. I was so pleasantly surprised! The plot really grabbed my attention and held it, and the characters are well-drawn and realistic. The screenplay is very clever and funny, and the cast does great things with it. And the best part is that it managed to be entertaining without any explicit sex or violence! If this movie comes anywhere into your area you really should go see it- stand up for this little film, it is worth it!

Summary: A modern day Frank Capra film.
A little sentimental at times, with more than a few laugh out loud moments, overall very entertaining.

The story starts in Buffalo, NY in the early 1950s on a bright sunny day when a truck load of $20 bills falls from the sky. A young saintly Theresa, in her Catholic school uniform, divines that the money is a gift from God. Her family and friends split the money. Thirty years later, Theresa, now a nun, returns to Buffalo and realizes the money was not a gift, it was a loan and the time had come to repay it. Theresa assembles family and friends who took the money. No one has any money to repay the “loan,” and they don’t know who they should repay. The group works to raise money before Easter. As they go about the business of fund raising we learn their unfulfilled hopes and dreams. We also slowly learn the provenance of the money.

The film has an all star cast. Wendie Malick as the cynical, hard as nails Inez and Frank Gorshin as the flim flam man, Ed, are terrific. Ursula Burton as Sister Theresa has a continual blissful expression.I highly recommend this film.

Summary: grateful for a film without violence or raw language
A film that makes you smile and grateful for something to watch without violence, foul language or computerized effects. The ensemble cast was fun to watch, especially the Burns couple , Shirley Jones and Frank Gorshin as they worked their way up from spongers to giving of themselves. Wendie Malick and Jill Eikenberry were a good match for their yin/yang relationship , though both were searching for the same thing. Sr. Theresa character was close to the mark as one who can make us do things for her ,yes by guilt , but also by challenging us to go beyond our comfort zone. Thanks Sisters

Summary: Manna From Heaven was an upbeat positive commentary on humanity.
Manna From Heaven is a light comedy that uses exaggeration of human foibles to entertain the audience. Throughout the film there is the expectation that goodness will surface in each situation. The result is that the movie goer finds himself/herself sitting with this silly grin on his/her face, peace in his/her heart, and high expectations for human kind. Watching this movie was a most pleasant experience. (I would venture to say uplifting experience, but some would say that sounds corny!!)

Summary: Delightful
Its a feel-good movie that made me feel good. Some in this genre can be sickly sweet, but this script is restrained. The movie is funny and fun. The acting is great. If this were a musical, I would have left the theater humming the tunes.

Summary: If Hollywood had the wellbeing of the audience at heart…
If Hollywood had the wellbeing of the audience at heart we would see 20 films a year with the kind of wholesome fortitude that is behind this film. There are several experiences of personal growth in this movie and while the characters ARE still very human even the lessons learned are not that greed will profit you, or do-unto-others-whatever-you-want-as-long-as-you-are-okay-with-it, no, this is what our sad, desensitized lives need, more sense… more love… more do-unto-others-as-you-would-have-done-unto-you… more HOPE. (thanks Ursula!) This movie has an intelligent wit, not “yo’ mama” cracks that run rampant in the so-called comedies. People need to feel good. This movie will make you feel good and possibly inspire you to better your life, and the lives of others. sidenote Every person counts in ticket sales. This is a truly independent film. If you want more quality films you have to support them. Summary: Great movie. Look for it!

I saw this is Olathe, KS, and this is the first big city the film’s opening in — what a coup for the midwest! This is a great movie. And the neatest part is that the filmmakers (five real sisters and their parents!) are traveling with the movie, so you can meet them. They are genuinely nice people, and their enthusiasm for filmmaking is wonderful. Their movie is funny and well-made, and it’s got a great feeling to it. It’s nice to see a movie this refreshing. Check their website to see where it’s going next. You don’t want to miss it. We all need a laugh now, and this one keeps you laughing and laughing — a great comedy. It’s hard NOT to like this movie, as you can see from other comments here and votes. By the way, the rating system on this site doesn’t make any sense, because if you look, almost everyone has voted a 10, but the website is giving it a 5.5? That’s just wrong. This movie is a gem, and the audience knows it. Don’t miss it.

Summary: Charming and disarming movie
This movie is a delight. It starts off with an acknowledgment that not everyone that you might call family is related, and that not all of your family is always liked. After that, the movie sets up the story: A large portion of money is blown out of a van, and a group of friends and family finds it. Thirty years later, guilt drives one family member to convince the rest that it is time to return the money. A plan is devised, and we are off.

What is so nice is that the characters are intelligent, and quirky. There are no stereotypes, even though the plot could quickly dive into a clash of characters. Instead, the story presents people with slightly different takes on things, and like a good parable, let’s us travel through their experiences.

I recommend seeing this movie. There is a lot of sly humor. And, there is some cute word play, which many might really miss. Take a friend or relative, especially one that you don’t care much for, and treat them and yourself to this little wonder.

Guys, it might appear as a chick-flick, but it is really a story of adults, not kids like mist movies. Everyone is going to be there. Everyone is part of a family. And this movie knows it.

Everyone is fine in the roles, however, Faye Grant, playing Rita, just looks too young, which is a compliment to her appearance. Some of the supporting actresses (Louise Fletcher and Shelley Duvall) have not much more than a cameo. With that as my only complaint, you can see that I really enjoyed this film.

If you are tired of one-dimensional characters this Summer, doing unimportant things, then take a chance and look for this film.

MANNA FROM HEAVEN is a terrific film that is both predictable and unpredictable at the same time. You know that the characters after finding out that the so-called “Gift From God” was actually a loan, will pay back the money and that everyone will be happy at the end, but how they get there is not as obvious. The scenes are often funny and occasionally touching as the characters evaluate their lives and where they are going. The cast of veteran actors are more than just a nostalgia trip. Frank Gorshin, Shirley Jones, and Cloris Leachman prove that they are capable of more than playing the Riddler, Mother Partridge, or Mary’s friend Phyllis while Jill Eikenberry and Wendie Malick play characters different than we have seen on their TV series. Ursula Burton’s portrayal of the nun is both touching and funny at the same time with out making fun of nuns or the church. If you are looking for a movie with a terrific cast, some good music(including a Shirley Jones rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight”), and an uplifting ending, give this one a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Summary: A charmer!
Warm — wise — witty — playful — and moving — A charmer! — Engaging characters, beautifully portrayed by a cast loaded with talent — Ursula Burton is a standout — A good story, rich with detail and meaning — A teeming little world of its own — and you don’t want to leave it. Cheers and congratulations to the Burtons. Excellent.

Summary: An excellently crafted film and a thoroughly enjoyable experience!
This film is a gem and a true piece of art. On all points of skillful, tasteful filmmaking, “Manna from Heaven” ranks high. The screenplay is superbly written, and it is difficult to imagine a better cast than that utilized by the Burton team. The cinematography and editing demonstrate a firm command of the film medium. If you like your movie-going pleasure laden with charming wit, beautiful scenery, and the right balance of sentimentality, this is the film for you.

Summary: A lovely way to spend an evening
I had a wonderful time at the show, and my friends and I spent the rest of the evening talking about Manna- Splendid performances, great writing and cinematography: that’s what I call a moving picture.

Summary: An uplifting comedy with twists and turns!
Extremely well written, cast and directed. It’s not surprising that the screenwriter is a Nicholl Fellow, has been awarded the Mary Pickford award at the AFI, her dialogue is witty, engaging and funny with characters that are a bit out there. It’s great to see a feature film that has a backbone to it and a theme of doing the right thing. It ends on a very positive note and you leave smiling.

Summary: Thoughts on the Supreme Being’s sense of humor…
If you think there’s a Great Comedian up there, this gem of an independent movie will have you wondering whether the Creator of life’s little coincidences isn’t just a bit devilish at times. A witty fable about how a close-knit family in beautiful downtown Buffalo copes with sudden good fortune and old-fashioned guilt, “Manna from Heaven” never takes itself too seriously, and it’s a delight. If you don’t buy into this big time, you never tried to please your mother or make good on a bet. But don’t think this is sappy family fare: There’s a hot, sexy scene involving the unlacing of a shoe that will make you break out in a sweat.

Summary: Two Thumbs Up!
I thoroughly enjoyed Manna from Heaven, and I definitely rate it a must see! The movie begins with an excellent, well-conceived plot about a group of people in Buffalo, NY who find some money that – at the time – they believed to be a gift from God. 30 years later, they reunite, because one of them – who has now become a nun – realizes that the money wasn’t a gift, but must be repaid. As the group comes up with a plan to repay the money, we (the viewers) come to learn a lot about each of the characters, how their lives have turned out, their joys and their disappointments.
I was greatly impressed by the character development the Burton sisters created in Manna. Most movies just feature one or two main characters, while in Manna we gain special insight into multiple characters, and the plot integrates them all so well. Moreover, some of the characters are older people (or mature, shall we say), which is really so refreshing given Hollywood’s obsession with youth or, worse yet, pairing some 65 year old male lead with a 22 year old female.

The Burtons also do a fantastic job of mixing humor into the film, and I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions, which is rare for me.
All in all, this film is fabulous – RUN, don’t walk, to go see it!

Summary: A fun, upbeat story with interesting characters.
Manna From Heaven was a wonderful movie! The characters were quirky, funny and sweet. Frank Gorshin had a particularly great part and made me laugh-out-loud with his facial expressions and silly antics. I was really surprised and impressed with Shirley Jones’ performance. I’d never seen her in a serious role, but I thought she was completely convincing and wonder why she hasn’t done more roles like it.
The movie itself was definitely worth seeing. I’d love to see it again.

Summary: “Manna…” full of heavenly stars, and fabulously funny!
You won’t find violence or torture in this one, but if you liked The Full Monty, you’ll love MANNA FROM HEAVEN, a new film from the LA-based film-makers, Five Sisters Productions. Though perhaps in need of a tad bit more editing, it’s a charming story about ordinary folk, living through an extraordinary experience, with comically touching results:

A working-class family finds a major stash o’cash that doesn’t belong to them. The loot is shared between assorted relatives, but 30 years later (the beginning of the story) we find the money was less than carefully spent. And one of those relatives–a nun, who remembers her dead mother’s heartfelt wish–wants everyone to return the loot and donate it to the poor. The family, ranging from a pair of married con-artists, to a casino employee, to a nursing home-bound senior citizen (and the other wonderfully loopy characters they’re connected to)are none too happy about God’s messenger telling them to return money they no longer have, and totally distraught (in distinctive ways) about how in Hell to come up with it. The details of how these oddball characters go about raising the dough to make the loaves and fishes to feed the hungry is the hilarious heart of the movie. Superb acting from Shirley Jones, Cloris Leachman, Ursula Burton, Wendy Malick, Frank Gorshin, Vincent O’Neill, Shelley Duvall, Seymour Cassel and a slew of local actors from Buffalo’s rich, talent pool (including Anthony Masiello, mayor of the city)enhances the intelligent script.

MANNA FROM HEAVEN lovingly displays the spectacular architecture, eccentric locations and liveliness of Buffalo, where all the members of Five Sisters Productions were raised. It’s beautifully directed by two of the sisters, Maria and Gabrielle C. Burton, is fortunate to have Ursula Burton as the lead, and Charity and Jennifer Burton (along with Dad, Roger) as producers, and last but not least, their mother, Gabrielle B. Burton, award-winning novelist and screenwriter, to script this endearing and optimistic tale. Summary: More family films should be like this!

This Buffalo, NY oriented film is light hearted, and full of great writing, and acting! I was pleasantly surprised to find this comedy actually making me laugh out loud! Many modern family movies resort to gimmicks, sound tracks, and stupid schlock humor, but I found this to be intelligent, and genuinely funny! I enjoyed it very much!

Summary: Fantastic movie…
I really enjoyed this movie about a family lucky enough to receive a gift from God, in the form of a lot of cash! The money helps secure their futures. Then they are told they must give it back. The ensuing story is both inspiring and hilarious, with fantastic acting all around… The film is a must-see. Summary: A great performance
This is a thoroughly enjoyable, fresh and engaging film that is buoyed by clever, brisk and humorous dialogue. The surprising and delightful twists in the story line maintain audience involvement. The consistently fine performances by an all star ensemble rounds out an exceptionally entertaining film.


Just wanted to tell you that I saw Manna From Heaven this past weekend in Olathe, KS and absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful feel-good movie. I am a devoted Five Sisters fan now. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to more great things!
Sarah E
Olathe, Kansas
I don’t go to see movies that often, but I’m glad I went to see your film, in fact I have seen it four times!!

It’s hard for me to say why I’ve seen it so much, it probably has something to do that I caught the “Burton Bug,” meaning that you and your whole family are such good people that I wanted to do my part to support the film. However, it is also the fact that the movie is so charming, so funny, and it has a very happy ending. I found myself rooting for the people in the movie to do the right thing as much as I am rooting for the movie to be a success. The people in the theater at the last two screenings I went to(after you had left town) were talking very highly of it as much as the people that saw it while you were in town. I hope that your screenings in the other towns will be successful.

I know you and your family have worked hard to get this film to the public. I know the battle is uphill but please keep pushing forward. The movie is worth your family’s time and effort and at least in my case, has really touched me.
If it ever comes to video, I will be the first in line to buy it.

I hope all goes well in Olathe. By coincidence, I may be across the border in Kansas City with my mother, brother, and his family watching a football game that same weekend. I don’t know if our trip plans will allow me to drop by but rest assured, I will be looking at the reports and hoping for the best.

Please keep me updated on how things go with the film. I have to admit it, but I really like you and your entire family(almost like a love at first site). I will be one of your biggest fans and keeping up on the web site to see how things go with Five Sisters.
Good luck to you!!!
Hi, this is Josh B, we met at the Branson theater.
I just wanted to say that meeting your family last night was amazing for me, I could feel the love just standing there next to you guys. Most people don’t open up their heart to other people like that. I really enjoyed that short time we spent together. — My Mom and I were wondering if you had time before you left to come out and see our place. It’s on the way from KC back to Branson. We live in Jenkins, MO, 15 miles south of Aurora on Hwy. 39.
Just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed Manna from Heaven – so much so we attended 2 nights in a row. What a pleasure it was to meet Ursula, Maria, Gabrielle and your parents on the first night and then to visit with Maria and Gabrielle on the second night. If you are in Kansas City again please let us know and if your schedule permits we would love to continue our discussion perhaps at our home for dinner.

We’ve posted one of the posters at the Food Bin located at 75th and Quivira in the Quivira 10 Shopping Center in Shawnee. The Food Bin is a bulk/health food store run by 2 sisters who also give back to the community, for example, preparing and serving a meal to the homeless at the Catholic Worker House once a month.
On Monday, my husband will be posting the poster at the school where he teaches art.

During our conversation with Maria and Gabrielle on Saturday evening I had mentioned Shantivanam which is the House of Prayer for the archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas. It was founded by Fr. Edward Hays who is a very insightful, spiritual writer. Just wanted to let them know about him and that his books are published by Forest of Peace Publishing (
We were at Shantivanam today for Mass and told the staff and guests about Manna. They had been discussing it at breakfast with an interest in seeing it. My husband and I strongly encouraged them to do so.

My husband is on the phone right now with another friend and telling him about the movie. I hope that it will continue to play in Kansas City for many more weeks. If it’s here for a few more weeks I’m sure I’ll go again with some friends.
Thank you for supporting Habitat for Humanity.
Thank you for a film that celebrates family, friends, joy, hope, and giving to others. This world of ours needs this message so much.
Looking forward to receiving updates about the schedule for Manna. I’ll share the schedule with my extended family and friends across the country and encourage them to attend.
If you want peace work for justice (Pope Paul VI).
Thanks for what you are doing to bring justice to the world.
Ruth and Dan D-S – Kansas
Dear Maria & sisters:
Wow. I really dug it.
There are some true genius moments too many to mention but for me they often involved C Leachman, F Gorshin, or Wendy Malick. Makes me want to see more movies with older actors.
Impressive, congratulations.
David W
Saw your movie today and thought it was terrific.
Five Sisters,
Thanks so much for letting me be your guest at the screening. I pray you have great success with your film since you lack the pretensions associated with the traditional Hollywood producers. I am amazed at your ability to assemble such a stellar cast of performers. What a feat! I hope this project takes you to bigger and better, and that you never lose the Five Sister sweet sincerity as you rise to the top. Please keep me informed of your progress.
Best wishes,
Matt B
Dear Gabrielle and Burton family,
Bravo on an excellent film.
I want to congratulate you heartily on a fine film. Your movie is excellently written, beautifully shot and edited, and wonderfully acted. I look forward to seeing it again! I was hoping to meet you at the screening, but as you know there were many people and I was unable to do so. Perhaps some other time!
Once again, congratulations to you all and your entire staff. You have truly made a beautiful piece of art.
All the best,
Carmen A.
p.s. Please keep me updated on any future screenings and the main distribution, as well as future projects!
Dear Sisters 5,
Thanks very much for sending “Manna” my way last week. I had a wonderful time at the show, and my friends and I spent the rest of the evening talking about your work.
Splendid performances, great writing and cinematography: that’s what I call a moving picture.
Congratulations, and best wishes,
Chris B – Jamaica Plain, MA
It was a great pleasure meeting you both at the Rotary Club meeting in Kansas City and then seeing you again at the theater. I wish you the very best in your efforts with “Manna From Heaven.” Your efforts have inspired me to (further) indulge my creative self (now that, at 47, I have begun acting and doing musicals) and get more serious about my writing and film making aspirations.
I will also go get your other two films to screen. Good luck; I am rooting for the Five Sisters!!

Pete B
President, Video Main Street – Kansas C
Congratulations on your third week in Kansas City. We attended a third time 24 August and took my cousin who is a nun with the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. She also enjoyed it very much and said she’ll recommend it to people she knows in Denver. I went to the IMDb and gave you a rating of 10.
Best of Luck.
Ruth S
Went to see Manna from Heaven last night at the AMC in Olathe. I have to tell you, I enjoyed the film very much. My wife and I decided to see it after having skimmed through the descriptions of various movies currently playing. We had first heard about it last week when we went to see “Simone” (also a great movie).

Your description of the movie in the listings is what won us over from all the others. My first reaction was “oh great, another ‘chick flick'”. (what? no explosions, high-speed car chases or eye-popping special effects?) But as usually happens when I make that statement, I wind up enjoying the movie and eating my words, yours was no exception.

I believe the movie industry (particularly AMC) needs to be shown that there are alternative ways to accomplish things, and I think your approach is bold and sensible.

Anyway, I mentioned last night that I run a web-hosting company here in the Kansas City area, and would be willing to offer internet services if needed in the promotion of your projects. If you need something done on the internet, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to discuss ideas, possibilities, capabilities.
Keep up the great work! I will be following your projects now that I have discovered them! (and yes, I have emailed about a dozen people so far to go see this film)
Jeff Justice
Starion Systems, Inc.,
Toll Free 877-965-7535
I so enjoyed watching your film. It’s not often we get to see such a delightful fable and it is so timely given the current state of the world, a lovely balm. The performances are wonderful.
J. Bailey – Los Angeles
I (we all) loved the film! It was wonderfully done, meaningful, funny and so uplifting…I am so amazed at what you, your sisters, your Mom (and your Dad) are doing. I’m so proud of you.
Congratulations on Manna From Heaven. It’s awesome.
Dear Gabrielle,
MANNA is a terrific movie, with heart and humor, and I cannot think of anything this country needs more at this time.
All the best,
Paul R.
New York, NY
TO All—
Sister Charlene
I had a chance to see Manna from Heaven. It was wonderful. You ladies did a great job! Wendie Malick was phenomenal.
Should you ever be in Buffalo please call. I’d love to take you to lunch. All of you are such good people and enjoyable wild women. (This I know from being the President of the Wild Women Society!)
Just wanted to let you know that I’m pulling for you and wish you all the luck in the world.
Jean F
retired business owner and candidate for Common Council
Thank you.
Your film is a wonderful testament to the generosity of the human spirit – something we are all needing right now!
With all best wishes,
My wife Kara and I loved Manna. I am certain it will be a big success!

Sarasota Film Festival comments:
Roseann K (Guest) (1 posts)
“Thank you.” Thank you for making such a great family-entertainment film. Please continue making more of these kind of movies. You obviously enjoy working together and it shows in your film. How lucky you are to be involved in doing something you truly enjoy and can share together as you’re working. Your humor is a gift. Good luck to you. I’m sure I’ll be seeing your “Five Sisters Productions” again.
Norma G (Guest) (1 posts)
Loved the movie. Happy, fun entertaining.
Pamela W (Guest) (11 posts)
This was a nice, lighthearted comedy. It was a really good story idea and a great opportunity to see some actors from the past as well as new some new faces.
Jessica and Janet R (Guest) (1 posts)
“5 stars” This was amazing. Great cast. Good luck!!!!!!!!!
Maria M-S (Guest) (1 posts)
Totally enjoyed this film! I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. The story line was excellent, the scenery shots of Buffalo were never boring, the acting was superb. Loved seeing that ensemble playing off each other. Loved it, loved, loved it. Want to see it again.