Manna From Heaven – Whistle Stop Tour Schedule

MANNA travels the world!

R.S. ENTERTAINMENT and FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS rolled out the award-winning feature film in chosen theaters across the US, and the movie also played internationally. Beginning on one screen in one midwestern theater, MANNA FROM HEAVEN was like the Energizer Bunny, with an energy that caught on from audience and grassroots support. Thank you all for making this film an example of the “power of the people”! Because of its performance, MANNA began being booked into mainstream theaters and multiple theaters. The film opened in different types of markets — from Columbus to Kansas City to Pittsburgh to NYC and LA, and in each type of market, the film was renewed multiple times, based on audience response.

Manna From Heaven Tour Dates in 2008-9

You can bring MANNA to you:
If you want MANNA to come to your town, FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS wants to work to help it happen, keeping rental rates very low, helping with press and marketing, and working with screening groups and clubs of varying size to bring the film to cities it hasn’t yet been to, or those who want it back! We’re also happy to work with charities who wish to use the film for fundraisers. Contact us to find out more.

How many times can you actually meet and talk with filmmakers? If you want to schedule a special in-theater filmmaker Q&A for your group/club of 20+ on the opening weekend or to be a part of a HABITAT FOR HUMANITY benefit, just email

MANNA’s Tour History

Sunday, May 18
Buffalo on the Big Screen
Walden Galleria Stadium 16
I-90 and Walden Ave.
$2 Movies, $1 Popcorn, $1 Soft Drinks
Raising Money for Charity — To Benefit Newspapers in Education — Sponsored by The Buffalo News
Manna From Heaven – PG
Shows at: 12:35 PM, 3:50 PM, 7:05 PM, 10:10 PM
MANNA’s been invited to screen at a charity event for the grand opening of a new theater in Buffalo this Sunday. Meet Gabrielle and Charity Burton at this fun event!

December 17, 2006
Cinema Saver 6 (NE corner of Drake & Shields)
call 303-806-8778 for advanced ticket sales or more info

December 10, 2006
Colorado Cinemas Cherry Creek Stadium 8 (inside Cherry Creek Mall)
3000 East 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80206 – (303) 377-1519

December 8, 2006
National Television Academy
Director Gabrielle Burton and producer/actor Ursula Burton will be there

December 5, 2006
The Strand Theater, Delaware and
Get more information at the United Way site and come out and help us support this great cause. Director Gabrielle Burton will be present to talk with the audience!
See photos from the event

October 12-15
Blue Mountain Film Festival

August 10, 2006
Riviera Theatre
67 Webster Street

November 18 + 19, 2005
Palace Theater
Showing in “CINEMA FOR EVERYONE” with OPEN CAPTIONING for the deaf and hard of hearing!

November 21, 2005
The Oaks Theater
CHARITY SCREENING for Food Bank – FREE with can donation (7:30 pm)
+ dvd signing at Boulevard Bistro cafe next door before (4:30 pm) + dvd signing in-theater after film
Meet director Gabrielle Burton who is coming to support the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and talk with movie-goers!

July 19, 20, 21, 2005
on the Chautauqua Institution grounds at the corner of Hurst & Wythe Aves
Directors Maria Burton & Gabrielle Burton, and actor/producer Ursula Burton were present on July 19 and 20 for special meet-the-filmmaker Q&A events.

OPENED JUNE 10, 2005
Shaker Square Cinemas, 13116 Shaker Square, Cleveland, OH 44120
Director Gabrielle Burton was present at a special Q&A event.

Austintown Movies, 6000 Mahoning Avenue, Austintown, OH 44515

SEPT. 1-4, 2005
The Noble Theater – Oklahoma City Museum of Art (
415 Couch Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, Information: 405-236-3100

February 5 and 8th, 2005
MANNA screened in the beautiful Fredonia Opera House, and Gabrielle did a director’s Q&A on 2/5 and 2/8. On Saturday, the Q&A had the added bonus of screenwriter Gabrielle B. Burton and coproducer Roger Burton appearing. We filmed the Q&As and audience responses after both screenings, for inclusion as an extra on the Manna from Heaven DVD.

The Fredonia Opera House has more information, and so do their websites and Fredonia Opera page).

April 21, 2004
MANNA screened in Toulouse, France, with special guest, director Gabrielle, to speak with audiences (oui, in French) in connection with her film school ESAV (Ecole Superieure d’Audio-Visuel). The film was subtitled by Christine Decognier and three of her talented up-and-coming translators/subtitlers, with support from France 3. There is possibly interest in opening the film theatrically in France now. Fantastique!

April 21, 2004
Coudersport, PA
The innovative Coudersport Theatre and its manager David Snyder brought MANNA to town, and it was reported that audience stayed around the theater talking about the movie together!

February 19-28, 2004
Five Sisters were guest speakers at the Mexico City Int’l Film Festival talking about new ways to release independent films (others on the panel with them were Goldwyn Films, IFC, Universal, and successful Canadian companies). MANNA FROM HEAVEN screened multiple times during the week, to standing ovations from the Mexican audiences. The film was subtitled masterfully by Juan Jacob.

Columbus, OH – back by popular demand!
Studio 35 Theater, a great independent single-screen historic theater will be bringing back MANNA to screen throughout the winter! More info: Site:

February 1, 2004
Beaumont, TX (1 1/2 hrs from Houston)
Charity & Gabrielle C. Burton (producer & director, respectively) were guest speakers at the Spindletop Film Festival (, with its terrific director Chris Castillo. Showing MANNA was a lot of fun there, as well as deeply moving — with some film-goers driving hours to see it, because of the word-of-mouth.

CANADA Continues —
The Canadian release continues across Canada on The Toronto Film Festival Group’s “Circuit” NOTE: MANNA’s playing across Canada is ongoing, although we don’t have the info regularly updated here — so for more dates, email us, & we’ll find out from Riddle Films & Toronto FFG.
* New Westminster, Canada (February 23)
* Terrace, BC, Canada (January 28)
* Woodstock, ON, Canada (January 26)
* Midland, ON, Canada (January 21)2003:

November 14 weekend — NYC — Queens, NY
There was a retrospective of ALL the Five Sisters films at the Queens Film Festival.

November 14, 2003 — Columbus, OH REOPENED
(Studio 35,
MANNA reopened at the fantastic locally-owned indie theater Studio 35 — which serves locally-made food and drink too. Director Gabrielle C. Burton spoke at a few screenings with the large and appreciative crowds.

November 11, 2003 — Charlotte, NC
MANNA was brought to Charlotte by the LightFactory, a terrific arts organization. Check them out at, and if you’re in Charlotte, get involved!

November 9 at 2 pm — Reno, NV
(CinéArts @ Riverside)
Charity and Gabrielle Burton (producer and director) were invited and feted by the fantastic Reno Film Festival organization, headed by Jeff Marcil (, which hosted the sold-out screening in Reno.

November 7 weekend — Concord, NH
MANNA was brought to play exclusively in Concord by the SNOB Film Festival ( These are also great people, bringing independent film to Concord.

October 24, 2003 — Dallas, TX
(AMC Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX & AMC Grapevine Mills)
Director Gabrielle Burton & Actor/Producer Ursula Burton had a lot of fun revisiting the popular television morning show Good Morning Texas, working with the local HABITAT FOR HUMANITY group to get information out to movie-goers about getting involved in the important charity, and also had a great screening Q&A with SUNY Buffalo alumni.

October to current — Canadian Release with The TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL GROUP!
MANNA had the honor to be chosen by the Toronto Film Festival Group for “The Circuit.” With Riddle Films, the Canadian release of MANNA started last fall and continues across Canada and the US on “The Circuit”
Halifax, NS, Canada (October 16)
Dauphin, MB, Canada (October 20)
Virden, MB, Canada (October 20)
Lethbridge, AB, Canada (November 12)
Shaunavon, SK, Canada (November 12)
Dauphin, MB, Canada (November 17)
Port Alberni, BC, Canada (November 19)
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada (December 3)
Kelowna, BC, Canada (December 10)
Brantford, ON, Canada (December 12)
Vernon, BC, Canada (December 15)

October 10, 2003 — Salt Lake City, UT
(Madstone Theater)
MANNA played exclusively at the delightful Madstone Theater with other top notch films and was renewed two times. It was exciting to see that three of the four films playing were directed by women — WHALERIDER, LOST IN TRANSLATION, and MANNA FROM HEAVEN. The theater management of Madstone created a true movie-appreciation environment for movie-goers & staff.

Sept. 26, 2003 — Vail, CO
Maria (Director) and Ursula (Producer) were guests at the elegant Vail FF. Vail was gorgeous, and the screenings that the sisters attended were fun affairs, with thoughtful and enthusiastic audiences.

Sept. 19, 2003 — Pittsburgh, PA
(The Oaks Theater,
This is a fantastic, single-screen, historic theater owned by real movie-lovers and managed by visionary programmer Jared Earley (voted one of the top up-and-coming entrepreneurs of Pittsburgh). A lively Monday night discussion of the film with director Gabrielle Burton was had with a sold out crowd! A beautiful and apt setting for the movie, MANNA was renewed 5 weeks.

June 13, 2003 — San Diego, CA
(AMC Fashion Valley, Pacific Gaslamp, & Pacific Town Square)
MANNA opened with a smashing benefit for HABITAT FOR HUMANITY and the Harvard Scholarship Fund, filling up over two theaters at the AMC Fashion Valley! An exciting reception was sponsored by LA COSTA RESORT & SPA and the PREGO restaurant, and special guests included: Academy Award winner Cloris Leachman (YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, MARY TYLER MOORE), three-time Tony nominee Harry Groener (ROAD TO PERDITION, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), Ursula Burton (SECRETS OF THE YA YA SISTERHOOD, THE PRACTICE), and Dawn Didawick (ERIN BROCKOVITCH). Additionally, THE FIELD IRISH PUB & RESTAURANT threw their proud Irish support behind MANNA and offered a fun contest for moviegoers. Unusual for almost any movie today (but somewhat of a trend for MANNA), MANNA grew in box office/ticket sales and — even up against the power of THE HULK — it was renewed in San Diego three times!

May 23, 2003 — Wichita, KS
(Cinemas West)
MANNA opened with generous support from local Light99 radio. Again, even against all the summer blockbusters, it was renewed for six weeks based on word-of-mouth popular support! Based on only ten markets, MANNA grossed over $412,000 in ticket sales — a remarkable achievement for a truly independent movie.

April 27, 2003 — Athens, OH
(Athena Cinema)
MANNA was asked to open as part of the Athens Film Festival, with movies like “Bend It Like Beckham” and “Lost In La Mancha.” Director Gabrielle Burton was invited to speak with audiences.

April 4, 2003 — LA & NYC areas, Orange County, Long Island, Westchester areas
(Pasadena Academy 6, multiple AMCs, Regals, ++)
MANNA was given an opening like a studio release with 33 screens — an unprecedented number of theaters for a non-studio-backed film! It was a fantastic opportunity, the NY Times’ Dave Kehr called MANNA ” ,” and MANNA was extended in LA for 10 weeks!

March 7, 2003 — Juneau, AK
(20th Century Twin Theater)
As part of Women’s History Month, FIVE SISTERS was invited to open MANNA in Juneau and speak at the University of Alaska at Juneau. Writer Gabrielle Burton and director Maria Burton spoke at a sold-out opening night event.

February 28, 2003 — Columbus, Delaware, Heath, OH area
(Classic Theatres Delaware Square 5, AMC Lennox, AMC Dublin, AMC Easton, Cinemark Stoneridge, Marcus Pickerington, Hollywood Indian Mound, Regal Georgesville Square)
MANNA was opened in 8 theaters in the area, sold out multiple screenings, and ran for months! It was then brought back again in the fall.

January 17, 2003 — Buffalo, NY area
(Dipson Market Arcade, AMCs, Regals, Flix, ++)
MANNA opened in 8 theaters in the area, and ran for an amazing 15 weeks! The HABITAT benefit with the local affiliate was such a success, it sold out its own theater, so another was added! The movie expanded to Olean and other smaller cities near Buffalo. MANNA did so well, it made the Variety Box Office charts and the #14 film in the nation on a per screen average.2002:

October 25, 2002 weekend — Washington DC area
(Regal Ballston Commons in Arlington, VA; AMC Hoffman Center 22 in Alexandria, VA ; AMC Academy in Greenbelt, MD ; AMC Potomac Mills in Woodbridge, VA)
MANNA was extended four times! (It even made it through the Harry Potter cut of half of the films in the theater!)

October 9, 2002 — Screening for U.S. Congress with stars and producers in attendance!
Washington DC sponsored by Jack Valenti, President and CEO of the MPAA and hosted by Representative Karen McCarthy and Senator Charles Schumer

August 16, 2002 weekend — Kansas City, KS + Kansas City, MO
(AMC Studio 30 in Olathe, AMC Barrywoods, and Cinemark Merriam)
MANNA was extended eight times AND expanded into more theaters! The sisters met AMC’s CEO Peter Brown, who is in his heart a real supporter of independent films, and this began a great relationship with AMC.

August 16, 2002 – Kansas City/Olathe, KS
(AMC Studio 30 Cinema)
MANNA was extended eight times, and — after weeks of word-of-mouth and coming in consistently in the top 10 of the 26 movies — it was expanded to more theaters, due to popular demand!

August 2, 2002 weekend — Branson, Missouri — National Theatrical Premiere — with special guest Jill Eikenberry!
(Branson Meadows Cinemas)

MANNA’s premiere was a delightful affair, with a terrific fundraising party for HABITAT FOR HUMANITY held at the Radisson Branson. With the generous support of Bill Weimar at the Radisson, the entire filmmaking family stayed in Branson and met with audiences at the great Branson Meadows Cinema. Andy Williams even came to MANNA! The film surprised everyone, who thought it would meet the fate of typical independent films and play for two weeks — it was extended six times!

View pictures from theatrical premiere