Manna From Heaven – Whistle Stop Tour

The MANNA FROM HEAVEN release was designed as a whistle-stop tour — an old-fashioned idea for an old-fashioned film — with the FIVE SISTERS traveling to over 35 cities to promote it. R.S. ENTERTAINMENT and FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS rolled out the award-winning comedy in theaters all over the U.S. The Burtons are so committed to their third feature film that they spent two years touring the country with it, personally appearing at theaters to talk with audiences. FIVE SISTERS also hosted a benefit screening for HABITAT FOR HUMANITY in each town as they traveled in the MANNA VAN with the film.

If you would like MANNA FROM HEAVEN to come to your local theater, call the theater and ask them to bring it! You can can also bring the movie to your club or charity by contacting us.

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Buy MANNA Memorabilia to continue supporting the movie and getting it into theaters and broader DVD distribution.

Thanks to the MANNA Tour SPONSORS!

FIVE SISTERS are donating some of their profits of MANNA to HABITAT FOR HUMANITY! See the Habitat for Humanity page for more info.

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What is a “whistle stop” tour?

A whistle stop tour is a type of film release that allows FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS to travel from town to town with the film and promote, book and expand the film’s reach with a more personal touch. The idea of a “whistle stop” tour came from politicians such as FDR or Truman who ran their campaigns from a train that wound through the areas they wanted to reach, but it also touches on what band concert tours are like — simply applying the idea to a film release.

Can You Do 5 Things for the 5 Sisters?

Today, it is a challenge for films to get into and stay in theaters, especially as it involves competing against studio films with their enormous publicity budgets (an average of $35 million). MANNA is relying on grassroots word-of-mouth to keep it in the theaters, and you can get involved to help the independent film and the sisters on their tour. These days, distribution rests upon weekly ticket sale totals. MANNA FROM HEAVEN, as a small independent film, is given a week at a time — if it does not earn a certain level of ticket sales, it will be dropped by the theater. So if you want to see more variety in theaters, here are 5 simple things you can do to help:

1. Go to see the movie on the opening weekend in your town. Check here for the schedule. Tell your friends and colleagues to go see the film on its opening weekend (or as soon as they can). Organize a group and win prizes! Email 5 friends about Manna. We have provided a pre-written HMTL or Word document that you can copy and paste into an email to send to five or more of your friends to let them know about the film.

2. Volunteer to help the movie’s release. Hand out fliers at the theater or help in other ways. Tell students interested in film and PR about the possibility of interning on the film’s release. Contact to help!

3. Display fliers for the movie in your place of business, worship, or clubs. (We will provide fliers.)

4. Introduce the sisters to a TV/newspaper/radio reporter who could do a story on the film. Or call your favorite shows or paper to tell them you liked the movie.

5. Introduce the sisters to potential business sponsors for a few days of in-kind services (such as hotel/B&B, restaurant, photocopying, office space with fax, printer, phone).
Or create an idea of your own for getting the word out!

Vote on the Internet to increase the buzz

After you have seen the movie, if you like it, please vote and write a review for Manna From Heaven at the Internet Movie Database. This is an important site in the film industry — YOUR opinion will have an impact! (You will have to register first and then you can vote on this and any other independent film you would like.)

Group Prizes

Bring a group of 10 or more to the theater in the first two weeks of Manna from Heaven coming to your city, and win one of the following:

week one — large signed poster
week two — small signed poster

Top 5 reasons to see Manna on its opening weekend

1. Meet the filmmakers!
How often can you go to the movies and then actually talk with the director, actor, producer? You can get a special Q&A for your group outing to the movies just by emailing to schedule with the sisters at!

2. Help MANNA FROM HEAVEN make it to the rest of the country!
Like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, MANNA has relied on grassroots word-of-mouth — so your support has an enormous impact. It is a challenge to get into and stay in theaters, especially since it involves competing against studio films with their enormous advertising and publicity budgets. As an independent, family-friendly, feel-good film, MANNA needs your help to make it to new cities and locations.

3. Vote at the box office!
With a ticket purchase, you can affect the future of MANNA FROM HEAVEN, but, more importantly, we all can impact the movie business. There will only be more feel-good, family-friendly, independent movies with a mature cast IF this film shows it has an audience who wants to see movies like this in theaters and will actually go out to see them in the opening weeks.

4. See something good and do some good. Select screenings benefit HABITAT FOR HUMANITY!

5. Have fun! MANNA is a quality film that has been receiving praise from critics and audiences. See audience comments, reviews and articles, or MANNA movie info for more about the award-winning comedy.
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An opportunity for charity

FIVE SISTERS believes strongly in community involvement and socially responsibility. Notably, the sisters have partnered with HABITAT FOR HUMANITY on their national release ( MANNA FROM HEAVEN is about a community coming together and, in the process, rediscovering hope. FIVE SISTERS offered to donate proceeds from an opening screening in each market to benefit the charity. See the Manna/Habitat page for more information.