The Sky’s The Limit: The Story of the Mercury 13 (Feature in Development)

In 1961, thirteen extraordinary pilots took a battery of astronaut tests and excelled, positioning the U.S. to win the Space Race.

Why do we not know their names?

We all know the guys from “The Right Stuff”, “Apollo 13”, and “From The Earth To The Moon.” What we’ve forgotten is that alongside these men were the women known as THE MERCURY 13.

Award-winning screenplay
– Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarter-Finalist 2016
– Finalist, PGA Power of Diversity Fellowship
– named to The Athena List, the best unproduced screenplays with strong female stories
– named to The Bechdel/B*tch List — “Blacklist” for great scripts with women protagonists
– Winner 2015 CineStory Feature Retreat & Fellowship